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bargains to be made on amazon and darty – nest thermostat 2nd generation !

21 Jan

although in French, igen site is pointing put that Nest thermostat 2nd generation, understood to be EOL, is on sale via amazon and darty. at those prices, this is a real bargain!

time to re open threads around rc840 !




Good Month of April according to my nest report

13 May


Now all i have to do is begin computation of that saving in energy achieved…what about you guys in Europe? What report do you get?

Nest thermostat 3.0.6 update? anyone in Europe?

19 Apr


there is supposedly a 3.0.6 software update available for Nest thermostat users (heating only mode)…. somehow I am not able to get this yet on my nest.

Can anyone having “heating only” mode setup, share their experience in getting 3.0.6 please?

Since Nest thermostat is not officially supported in EU, I am not expecting much support from the US, just curious…

some of you may say that winter is behind us (which I really hope)… somehow, my heating system did turn on this morning..





for sale 1 pack – thermostat nest 1st gen & RC840T-240

10 Apr

hi all,

as you’re familiar with my blog, you know I am the proud and happy user of a Nest thermostat.

I have had a 2nd yet brand new in its box Nest thermostat (1st generation) seating doing nothing.

I have also a few other RC840T-240, so I have decide to put a “complete pack” for sale on ebay.

the auction starts tomorrow morning April 1st 2013 and there is another 24h before it finishes!

happy bidding,


photopack nest et rc840t ebay

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