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buying a RC840T of Aube Tech via Smarthome’s website

6 Jan

Dear all,

I am going to briefly explain where did I purchase my five Aube’s Relay/Transformer RC840T .

in a previous post, I had mentioned the following:

#1 this product is not available in France and possibly not in Europe as it is not EC “stamped”

#2 Aube (North America) did categorically refuse to sell me a few units – probably for liabilities/warranties reasons.

I just want to make it clear I am not affiliated to Smarthome, but it turned out this is where I have placed my order for five units.

honestly, this turned out to be a smooth process (I even talked to their hotline at first), however it is worth pointing out that shipping costs were high – that’s also the reason why

I did  order five units instead of one as originally planned.

The RC840T acquired is located  here. I am under the impression those items are currently on sale as I post this message (!)

and I have recently posted feedback and rating which one should be able to read once they approve it.

for those of you interested, I am happy to share details of both shipping and taxes. I will post later…

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