my natural gas consumption as it stands…

30 Mar

Hi all,

I don’t actually really know how many of you do walk by this blog, nor how frequently you’re checking on new posts.

although the graph below has French content, I wanted to share with you my 2012 gas consumption (quantified in terms of kwH) and the 2013 one “as of today”.

Note this is prior to the installation of the Nest Thermostat. Please note the following facts regarding our apartment:

  • building from 1930s, with 3 sides “exposed”
  • apartment located on the 2nd and last floor (15cm/2 inches of insulation made of cellulose wading)
  • however the attic itself is not insulated
  • cast iron radiators equipped with thermostatic heads
  • the apartment is about 62m2 (~667 sq ft) and our ceiling is at 2.8m (9 ft 2 inches)

natural gas consumption 2012 2013

what about yours?

I have gone back in time and I can add the last few years on different chart (note that 2013 is partial at this point of course – note that my year counts from October to Octobers):

  • it is too early to say how much Nest is bringing in terms of saving,
  • to be noted that this winter appears to be particularly “cold” and lasting a long time.
    • I will quantify this and number of days below 18degC (64F) within the period.
    • I will also explain the reason why this decline overtime – I have installed insulation (summer 2009) , thermo-mechanical valves (summer 2010?)…
    • Last but not least, I have moved a cast iron radiator location in my living room (summer 2012),
    • and insulated my daughter’s bedroom from the inside (summer 2012)

3 Responses to “my natural gas consumption as it stands…”

  1. Nik March 27, 2014 at 13:08 #

    Would be great to get info on your gas consumption for this past winter after you installed nest. Did you get any benefit in kwh terms and in terms of comfort?

    • usingnestineurope March 27, 2014 at 13:32 #

      Hi Nik,

      I am working “Slowly” on this… but I lack bandwidth.
      I will update you at the very least on my consumption to-date.

      stay tuned,


      • Nik March 27, 2014 at 16:32 #

        Awesome. Thanks Matt!

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